Hi, I am Kayla Marie!

I am a growing photographer of 6 years. I love capturing the beauty that has always been there-even if you can't necessarily see it with the naked eye. I love creating images that people fall head over heels for because of the emotion that has been captured and the memory that has been frozen in place-that is a priceless gift.

I am wife to a man named Justin and we have 7 beautiful children together. My life and heart is full and all the blessings I have been given are the very reason I pursue freezing moments in time so that those moments, people, faces, spaces and feelings NEVER fade away.

The reason behind the name, ZAG is for our beloved son who passed away at 6weeks old-suddenly and unexpectedly. His name, Zimeon Arrow Gilbert, was not only the last session I captured before I almost tossed out every ambitious dream of becoming a well known and sought after photographer, but, was also the very drive that kept me shooting-shooting through the pain and brokenness of what now was. I had a breakthrough in the vulnerable moments of my crashing world-the moments before, during and now-disappointment may come but it is up to YOU to turn them into strength, joy and perseverance. It is my heart to be there to capture someone else's vulnerable moments-whether that be a time of great joy or sadness-I want to give you the memory so you NEVER forget it.

Many thanks goes to Almighty God, my family and friends but especially a dear photographer-friend who believed in me and pushed me to continue to pursue my dream as a professional by shooting through the muck and finding the beauty in it all. {thank you Amber, you helped me find me and the art of it all and believed in me even when I sucked-you are my gift)

MANY thanks also goes to ALL my clients! It is because of your belief in me and willingness to walk beside me as I grow and become better-I would not be where I am if it wasn't for you. So, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many Blessings and Much Love!


Jessica H.

“Oh my goodness! This lady is so sweet, kind, caring, and creative!! Her passion for photography and people is so evident! She made an impression in my life that I will never forget, and she helped make my fiancé and our engagement session cherish able forever!! Not only our photo session experience but also the photos she took for us, she captured our love and she was so creative, we will cherish the photos she took forever and who she is as a person is so impactful!!”

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